Rick Dover


Rick has been a resident of Pennsylvania since 1970, and, over 25 years, in Lancaster County. While he has lived the majority of his life in Pennsylvania, he has lived in a number of states due to his  father's service in the Air Force. His father was in the Air Force for over 25 years, and the family moved among a number of military bases during his father's military career. His mother and her family were born and raised with a farming heritage in York County, Pennsylvania.

After graduating college, he was employed by a Valley Forge, PA property/casualty (homeowners/auto/business) insurance company. He handled various aspects of claims investigation and settlement for PA and NJ. In 1988, he was hired by Lamar Weaver to assist with agency claims and service as well as expand its limited investment business. In addition, he provided support to its in-house attorney with clients pursuing bodily injury claims or lawsuits. Due to Rick's background, he would provide insight into the insurance claims process and decision making from the insurance companies viewpoint so the clients were better prepared and informed. This process and support was helpful to our in-house attorney as well in order to determine appropriate settlement agreements for his clients.

After several years, Mr. Weaver was looking to incorporate his business and Rick was given an opportunity to buy into the business. TLW Associates was incorporated into Weaver Financial, Inc. As Mr. Weaver approached retirement, Rick took over as president of Weaver Financial.

Mr. Dover has worn many hats within the company, and his experience with insurance and investments serves our clients well.


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